Magnolia Gardens

The process of locating photographs led to dozens of delightful discoveries about George Masa’s photographic work.  These discoveries and observations are included in the document Comments on Photographs and Collections.  The Appendices are an integral part of this document.

The Comments provide the necessary background for understanding both the Database and the Appendices.  Please do read the document!

Click on each item to download the pdf file.

     Comments on Photographs and Collections (as of 7 May 2024)

     Appendix A – Database Coding

     Appendix B – Locations for George Masa Photographs

     Appendix C – Plateau Studios Logo Samples

     Appendix D – Inventory Notebook Pages

     Appendix E – Inventory List of 5 x 7 Inch Negatives

     Appendix F – Inventory List of 8 x 10 Inch Negatives

     Appendix G – Timeline for Buildings Constructed or Demolished

     Appendix H – Buildings Seen in Views of Asheville

     Appendix I – Masa Journal Transcription with Associated Photograph Numbers

     Appendix J – Bibliography