Biltmore House and Estate

Each Photo Description Sheet presents a copy of the photograph taken by George Masa, along with where the image can be found.  The sheet describes other locations where the image exists, offers suggestions of other Masa photos with which to compare this image and provides comments about the photo. Importantly, the sheet includes subsequent uses of the photo as a postcard (visually shown) or a publication.

The Photo Description Sheets are arranged in line with the assigned Database Code.  (Refer to Appendix A – Database Coding.)

Within each pdf file for a specific Database Code, the photographs are sequenced by photograph number:  “57-,” “0-,” and other numbers such as “S-” photos.

Database Codes AMA.01 through AVI.00

Database Codes BFCC.00 through BUNC.07

Database Codes CAES.00 through CRAG.00

Database Codes DAM.00 through HOTSP.00

Database Codes JUN.00 through MTP.02

Database Codes NANT.00 through ZEAL.00