Asheville from Beaucatcher

The Database is sorted in photo number order (sequenced with amateur photos first, followed by Plateau Studios and then all photographs from mid-1924 through 1933).  It includes:

  • Database Code (as given in Appendix A – Database Coding)
  • Photo # – assigned by George Masa
  • Description – in George Masa’s words, when known
  • Size – height x width
  • Date – when photo was taken
  • Media  – coding as shown in table    
NEG negative
PHO photographic print
PUB publication – book, booklet, brochure, magazine
NEW newspaper
RPPC real photo postcard
PC postcard
  • Source – the primary source where item is located (as given in Publication Codes). The order of precedence is:
  1.  negative
  2.  print
  3.  publication


The most efficient way to look for a photograph of a subject you have in mind. . .

  1. Download the pdf files for the DATABASE (as of 7 July 2024).
  2. Use the search function in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. After you have found some likely candidates, make note of the Database Code number(s).
  4. Return to this website and download the Photo Description Sheet for that Database Code.


What follows is the complete Database with all its data points.  In other words, if an image has copies of a print in more than one location, those locations are all shown.  If an image was used in multiple publications, those publications are each listed.  For example, Database Code NANT.00 (0-2814) has 40 separate lines of data and Database Code LL.02 (0-652) has 52 lines of data.  The Database file (accessible above) has only one line each for photograph number 0-2814 and 0-652.

George Masa Photograph Database (a “Numbers” document)

[Contact me for access to the complete George Masa Photograph Database which includes all uses of a photo.]

NOTE:  All the information accumulated in the complete Database is included on the Photo Description Sheets.  The complete Database may be of interest to researchers who wish to sort the data in a way that assists in their research.

The full Database has a few more columns of information than the above file.  Here are the keys for those additional columns.

     Sort Code 1 – PS (Plateau Studios) and AB (businesses after PS)

     Sort Code 2   [download Sort Code 2 list]

     Publication Code   [download Publication Codes list]

     WCU – Western Carolina University Special Collections ID

     Pack – Pack Library Special Collections ID

     Ramsey – Ramsey Library Special Collections ID

     HHS – Highlands Historical Society ID

     SADC – Southern Appalachian Digital Collections ID


Return to the Observations page to download Comments and Appendices.